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Pick em’ Up Bitch - the Card Game

Game Snapshot

  • 2 or more players
  • 1 deck for every 4 players
  • Each player is dealt
    : 3 cards face down
    : 3 cards face up
    : 3 cards for the hand
  • Ace (A) is the high card
  • Three (3) is the low card
  • Two (2) resets the card in play
  • Ten (10) clears all the cards in play and gives the player another turn
  • Jack (J) changes game direction retaining denomination of card in play

How to deal the game

The dealer starts by giving every player 3 cards face down, 3 cards face up, and another 3 cards face down which will be the first hand. Before game play begins, each player picks up their hand and has the opportunity to exchange any/all of the 3 face up cards with the cards in their hand. This exchange only takes place once before the game begins. The remaining cards from the deck are placed face down for pickup.

How to play the game

The game begins with the player to the left of the dealer. Since no card is in play, the first player can lay any of the hand cards down. The 3 face up and face down cards cannot be touched until the end of the game. For each turn, players lay down a card that will either match or beat the card in play. The Ace (A) is high card, Three (3) is the low card, and Two (2), Ten (10), and Jack (J) are Trump (wild) cards.

If the player cannot match or beat the card in play, the player must pick up all cards in play and add them to their hand. If the player can match or beat the card in play, the player then picks up cards to equal 3 in their hand.

A player may choose to play doubles or higher of a single denomination. so as the denomination matches or beats the card in play. If four of a kind is played or completed in play, the cards in play are discarded and the player gets another turn.

  • Two (2) - This card resets the card in play to the value of 2.
  • Ten (10) - This card clears all cards in play out of the game and gives the player another turn.
  • Jack (J) - This card reverses the direction of play.

Finishing the game

Once all the cards in the deck have been played, the player must use the cards remaining in their hand. Once a player has used all the cards in their hand, they must play with the 3 face up cards (in any order). If the player cannot beat the card in play using the 3 face up cards, they must pick up the cards in play to make up their new hand. Once a player has successfully played their 3 face up cards, they then play the 3 face down cards – one at a time in any order. The first player to run out of cards wins the game.

Additional Rules

  • Face Up Doubles - when a player is down to their final hand card(s), they may play doubles with their 3 face up cards. Example: player has a 9, Queen, and Ace for their face up cards, there are no more cards to pull from the deck and the only remaining card in the players hand is a Queen. The player may choose to play both queens.
  • The Final Flip - when playing the final 3 face down cards, players must show the card selected for play to all other players.
  • 1 Winner per Deck - since the game allows for an unlimited number of players, it is desired with larger numbers to continue playing after the 1st winner is decided. The best way to settle this and keep the game moving is to have 1 winner per deck used. If there are 6 players, use 2 decks and play until the 2nd place winner is concluded.
  • Shit Collector - this is not so much a rule as an preface to becoming the bitch of a game. If within the course of a game, a particular player is continually picking up low value cards, they are the Shit Collector of the game.
  • The Bitch of the Game - the 1st place winner at the end of a game gets to decide who is going to collect all the cards and deal the next game. The chosen is also known as the Game Bitch... "Pick em’ Up Bitch"